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Welcome to the PTA section of our website.

Aelodau Pwyllgor/ Committee Members

Jess Huckson - Cadeirydd/ Chair (Mam Osian Bl2 a Morgan Dosbarth Derbyn) 

Catrin Rees - Is-gadeirydd / Vice Chair (Mam Matthew Dosbarth Derbyn)

Janine Copley - Trysorydd/ Treasurer (Mam Lewys Bl2)

Rachel Campbell - Cyd-ysgrifenyddion/ Co-Secretary (Mam Ella Bl1 a Grace Meithrin Bore)

Sioned Fidler - Cyd-ysgrifenyddion/ Co-Secretary (Mam Mabli Bl2 a Loti Dosbarth Derbyn)


Cynrychiolwyr Dosbarth / Class Reps

Jess Huckson / Sioned Fidler - Bl2

Branwen Gwyn - Bl1

Caryl Davies - Dosbarth Derbyn

Claire Llewellyn - Meithrin Bore

If you would like to become class rep for Meithrin Prynhawn please contact one of the Committee


Diolch Cymdeithas Rhieni Ac athrawon Ysgol Hamadryad PTA

Cofnodio Cyfarfod 14 Mai / Meeting Minutes 14 May

Cylchlythr Ebrill 19 / Newsletter April 19

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