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Welcome to the PTA section of our website.

Aelodau Pwyllgor/ Committee Members

Jess Huckson - Cadeirydd/ Chair (Mam Osian Bl2 a Morgan Dosbarth Derbyn) 

Catrin Rees - Is-gadeirydd / Vice Chair (Mam Matthew Dosbarth Derbyn)

Janine Copley - Trysorydd/ Treasurer (Mam Lewys Bl2)

Rachel Campbell - Cyd-ysgrifenyddion/ Co-Secretary (Mam Ella Bl1 a Grace Meithrin Bore)

Sioned Fidler - Cyd-ysgrifenyddion/ Co-Secretary (Mam Mabli Bl2 a Loti Dosbarth Derbyn)


Cynrychiolwyr Dosbarth / Class Reps

Jess Huckson / Sioned Fidler - Bl2

Branwen Gwyn - Bl1

Caryl Davies - Dosbarth Derbyn

Claire Llewellyn - Meithrin Bore

If you would like to become class rep for Meithrin Prynhawn please contact one of the Committee


Ffair Haf a Dim gwisg Ysgol / Summer Fayre and Non uniform Day

Cofnodio Cyfarfod 14 Mai / Meeting Minutes 14 May

Cyfarfod CRhA nos Fawrth 14 Mail am 7yh yn Nhafarn y Grange / Next PTA meeting will be on Tuesday 14th May at 7pm in the Grange pub.  We will be planning our summer events smileysmiley

Cylchlythr Ebrill 19 / Newsletter April 19

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